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Matthieu Paris cops some of his own medicine from James Aaron who the famous fister stretched apart last month. Watch as this leather clad pro takes everything Aaron can throw at him and still cry out for more up that adorable ass. It’s a legend at his best, no mistake.

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The proud footballer initially sneered at the board members when he was ordered to strip. Jon quickly realized he could lose millions from his contract if they aren’t satisfied so he’s now eager to satisfy their every desire and hops on the trophy table to bare his anus for the commanding clothed men. Some initial probing reveals how fresh and clean his arse is. Then we test how thick an object he can take up that tight hole. All the while the wealthy club owner greedily devours his food over his naked player’s body increasing Jon’s humiliation and making him feel like a whore made to sexually perform for his owner.

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We have been excited for this update. 2 of our favourite players, Alessio Romero and Leo Forte team up for what’s not your typical puppy play pairing; this is often straight up dog-on-dog action and watching these 2 Latin studs battle it out for the role of Alpha dog, with their puppy tail butt plugs and an inventive flash-fade between seeing their faces and then seeing them in puppy hoods makes this one in all our most unusual and favorite videos thus far. If puppy play is your fetish then watching these sloppy dogs, growl, spit, piss, suck and fuck their thanks to a cum stuffed finale can undoubtedly have you ever blowing your load, too.

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Fire fighter Master Khaled is in need of some stress relief after a hard shift, ordering the little ‘runt’ to lay still on the bench, Khaled unhooks his braces, drops his trousers then lowers his sweaty arse over the prone bottom’s face ready for him to tongue wash it clean.

Runt eagerly goes to work licking and slurping at the Master’s puckered hole as Khaled pushes down through his muscular thighs to ensure an almost airtight seal between his arse hole and the bottom’s voracious mouth. Bouncing and grinding his meaty arse on to runt’s face, Khaled grips the edge of the bench to pull himself down harder over the bottom’s mouth for an even tighter fit, wedging runt’s head in a vice like lock between the bench and his ripe sweaty hole as Khaled orders runt to push his tongue deeper into the Top’s arse…

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Carl thinks he’s about to meet his internet girlfriend and get laid for the first time. But the only sex this boy’s getting is my dick in his arse.

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Master Peter is getting changed into his football kit for a practice session. Short on time, Peter decides to use aussie’s mouth as his personal shower, ordering aussie to clean his very sweaty pits which have been confined in his business suit all day.

An eager aussie goes straight to work, his slutty slurping mouth and tongue laps at the forest of hair under each of Master Peter’s arms, sucking the hairs into his mouth to glean every drop of Master’s sweat off of them until they are pristine and clean again.

Peter sits down on aussie’s face so his tongue can get right up into the Top’s pungent arse hole. Now Peter can change into his football kit ready for the practice…